Popping into the Palace


Time for Shane and I to test out our getting around London skills. At Green Park we are trying to find Snaps gallery to check out some unseen photos of Bowie and we discover that a map would be a useful thing to have. I casually go into a hotel and proceed to be treated as a guest with the full concierge treatment – map in hand with instructions and printouts we find our way successfully. The gallery is very unique with photos of Blondie, Bowie and the Rolling Stones – a bit on the expensive side with prints going for around £1,000.

Our next task was to get tickets to a palace tour today from an information centre but the guy sort of sneers at us and scoffs “no tickets until next week”. Deciding to go for a look anyway we easily get tickets at Buckingham palace and I’m quite ‘chuffed’ to be able to set foot inside one the Queen’s humble abode – even Charlie welcomes us to the palace albeit via a video. It’s a couple of hours before we emerge out into the spectacular gardens. Well worth the look, I especially enjoyed the fancy frock display that started when she was babtised  through to now – seeing the intricate, detailed work up close is really impressive. There is so much more of course from climbing the main stairs, huge halls adorned with artworks that I have no real words to describe, every nook and cranny has beautiful decor, the chandeliers dazzle and glitter and even a secret passage revealed. The tour finishes with a lovely stroll through Lizzies vast backyard – truly a memorable experience.

Jamacan deliciousness for dinner and then it’s off to the Hootananny’s for beers, music and to watch the Brits win gold in the hockey.

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