Camden Canals

Daniel,s answer to jet lag is to stay awake, so we will be keeping busy today to distract us from collapsing – I will let you know how that turns out.
The weather is doing its best for us too, warm and sunny.
A walking tour of Brixton through the pop up restaurants, equally colourful clothes and people, butchers and seafood shops one after the other and music overlaying each scene complimenting the already lively atmosphere.
David Bowie memorial at Brixton
We then head for some familiar territory revisiting Camden and even enjoy a beer at the same place – must be our local ha ha. After our vey enjoyable refreshment we walk along the canal getting a small glimpse of life on the water in narrow boats.

Through to Regents Park and again I am impressed with how vast and fantastic these public parks are. I can’t resist the cheeky cuteness of the little squirrels even if they are pesky pests. Although the gardens are at the end of their best the walk is lovely and my bottom certainly appreciates the non-sitting component.
Pesky little squirrel
Back to Brixton and a nice stout hits the spot before Dan’s amazing pulled pork wraps for dinner.
Duke of Edinburgh
It isn’t long before Shane is falling asleep on the lounge and after some convincing I do manage to get him into the bedroom only to find him later still fully clothed, shoes on asleep across the bed. Some more sterner encouragement and he is finally in bed and I too will not be far from joining him.

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