London Here We Come 17/8/2016

It’s going to be a very long couple of days!
An early-ish start to the day out at the Wagga Wagga airport at 7:30am bags checked through only to be unchecked after some 15 – 20 minute debate so Shane could retrieve his passport just in case it didn’t make it. The staff were so lovely about it all – thankfully.
Into Sydney at 9:30am and now we wait and wait – we are getting some interesting stares so I guess oldies walking around with backpacks is a bit unusual. 3 and 1/2 hours later we check in our luggage and now we can have fun in the duty free section before doing some more waiting for our 4pm flight.
There is no getting away from it, the flight is long but very happy with Thai Airlines, loved the food, loved the service and would happily fly with them again – which is a good thing considering we fly back with them in 6 weeks time.
After a 2 hour stopover in Bangkok we face a 12 hour flight and I’m grateful for collapsing after dinner – oblivious for 5 hours and finding less than 6 to go.
7:15am we arrive in London, yay, navigate the underground and reach Dan,s about 10 in the morning. It almost seems surreal to be able to give him a hug………..what long flight?
A lovely cup of tea, an even better shower and I feel almost human again.

2 thoughts on “London Here We Come 17/8/2016

  1. sylgreg

    The flight to England is the worst thing about living so far away! There is no way they can make the seats comfortable after a few hours. But its over now – just a memory – now the fun begins!!!


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