Carey’s Cave


Our weekend of walking in the Wee Jasper area ends with a tour of Carey’s Cave, highly recommended by other walkers.
The caves are spectacular and as we walk slowly through the seven caverns, each with its own incredible beauty, we are completely in awe of the forces of nature. With the recent drenching of the area the caves are dripping with fresh water filtering down and all the calcite crystal formations are growing again. Straws, Stalactites, Stalagmites, Helictites, Columns, Pillars, Flowstones and Veils are all here to see. Even in the deepest section of the cave the ‘flow’ formations are glistening and sparkling with the damp conditions. Due to the recent rain tiny new crystals are already forming where none have been before – everywhere on rough dirt, walls and floors – new, clean and startling white – like diamond seeds randomly scattered, a promise of things to come.
There are many highlights and strange rock creations carved by water causing tunnels, collapsing floors and to top it all off an incredible fossilized gastropod.

Well worth the visit!

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