Hanging Rock

“Miranda. Miranda. Miranda, don’t go up there! Come back!”
(Picnic at Hanging Rock)


It is such a blessing to have a flexible timetable for travelling and Victoria is such a great place to travel with the scenery changing around every corner. We drove from Maldon to Macedon to visit the mysterious, magical, magnificent, hauntingly hallowed Hanging Rock.

We head off early hoping to avoid the afternoon forecast of rain but it is misty and foggy with the clouds heavy and dark I think we are going to get wet! I am disappointed not to be able to see Hanging Rock from a distance – the clouds are just too low but it does add an atmosphere of doom and gloom to our expedition. Added to that we are the only ones here – spooky. Even the rangers are surprised by the lack of tourists who flock here every day. (The information centre is fantastic.)
We take a walk around the base of this very unusual outcrop of rocks left behind by a volcano some 6 million years ago. It’s a pleasant stroll on an easy asphalt path, 1800m, with the heights of Hanging Rock disappearing in the mist – we are not in a hurry, wanting to take in the grandeur of the sculptured rocks, and take about 45mins.


Faces in the rocks – trapped in stone!

Its then up to the top – still only a short walk of 1800m, still on a nice asphalt path but a little bit more challenging due to the climb. I have to say I enjoy being the only ones up here and I do take a lot of photo’s dashing in and out amongst these amazing rocks.


Unfortunately due to the weather the panoramic views are somewhat diminished, it has started to lightly rain but still worth the climb to the summit.

On the way down we take the ‘stair’ track instead of the ramp and walk under the ‘hanging rock’, it is just incredible how these formations are created to think this massive rock would fall in such a way to be held precariously on either side – truly spectacular.


Hanging Rock

Although not the longest walk we have been on it has been well worth the visit with plenty to look at on the walk – I hope to come back on a lovely summer day to appreciate the views but loved the atmosphere of the misty morning.

Hanging Rock is also known as Mount Diogenes – 718m, ……so yep climbed another mountain today.

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