Just a short trip with the caravan in tow heading to Victoria with the added bonus of visiting family on the way. We want explore parts of Victoria that we have both never seen and looking at the map the township of Maldon appears to be an excellent option.
Our starting point is Cobram and avoiding going through Bendigo has proven to bring us a very complicated route with plenty of small country roads, turns and some tricky hills. When we arrive in Maldon the weather is not looking too good with some drizzily rain to contend with but we head off walking into the town, umbrella and raincoat at the ready. The information centre is very friendly but unfortunately not much information on any walking trails. Doing a little research we work out at track for tomorrow, which should take us a couple of hours including the climb up Mount Tarrangower.
The next morning the sun is shining and so off we go. From the caravan park we head to the main street before turning up Anzac Hill Road. I have to say I am very impressed with the age and condition of the older buildings in the town – very well preserved.

The Anzac Circle is a thoughtful remembrance commemoration of the fallen soldiers of this community – very well done. It is a very sobering walk looking at the crosses, being so grateful for their sacrifice, so many so young.
It is time to climb so up and up we go – Mount Tarrengower has a height of 570m, is a nice steady climb up a well-kept path. On top there is the lookout tower and the view from the top is a full 360degrees of spectacular. The very top level of the tower is still used for fire spotting during the summer months.

We find the four wheel drive track just south of the tower and head down a very pleasant gently undulating trail with kangaroos curiously watching from the bush.


Who is watching who?

We eventually link up with Parkins Reef Road, which leads back to town, and literally stumble across the remains of the North British Mine the largest, most profitable and longest operating mine in Maldon. The remains of settling pools, furnaces and other significant structures are a lasting testament of this once thriving industry.

Our walk takes roughly 3 hours at a happily wandering pace.

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