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Four Mile Hut – Kosciuszko

14 and 15/11/2015

Sometimes things don’t go to plan…..
Arriving at the car park at Mount Selwyn we discovered that some vital items had been left behind at my fellow walkers house, my half of the tent and the mattress I was trying out. No problem, its only one night after all and we do have a car sun shade and a yoga mat. We set off and the road is solid despite the morning rain and the frogs are going mad, like it’s their last chance to ‘get together’ before summer begins. It is very beautiful with flowers in bloom, new growth on the snow gums and even the moss is looking particularly colourful with its spores on display, ready to propagate further afield.
Moss Spories

As we get closer to the hut we can enjoy a lovely walk through trees to the top of a steep hill and look down on the prettiest little Kosciusko Hut I have seen so far – the only issue being that the toilet is on the top of this steep hill – it’s a long way to the long drop!

We clamber into the hut and just as we do it begins to rain. During the break in the weather we collect water from the nearby Four Mile Creek and the two walkers with tents set them up. Whilst we are boiling the billy we hear hail coming down on the roof, thankfully not too big, about the size of a pea but we hope the tents stand up to it all.

Two of us will have to sleep in the hut – I am a little nervous about this due to reading other blogs about rats in the huts but there appears to be little sign of any vermin. Our only man on the expedition lets me have his mattress, so kind and we begin our preparations for a fire and dinner.
We are joined by 3 men walking the Alpine Way to raise money for Prostrate Cancer – it will take them about 6 weeks and so still have 5 weeks to go. Luckily the hut can seat us all and we have plenty of laughs, stories told and of course there are lots of ‘rat’ jokes.
Thankfully we are not attacked in the night and I have decided sleeping in the hut is not so bad after all – no tent to pack up the morning.
In the morning we set off to find the Elaine Mine but after over an hour of walking through some very dense bush and not getting very far we end up having to return to the hut. We did find rubble from 2 other mining huts and some beautiful Lady Finger Orchids plus we had a good workout.
Remains of the chimney section of a miners hut
It was a terrific week-end away, enjoying the bush, the company and new experiences.