Witses Hut

Witses Hut

7/11 – 8/11/2015 First Overnight Camp

Learning to pack ‘skinny’ is a priority and I’m pleased to have my packed bag weigh in at 9kgs – this unfortunately led me to add some ‘extras’ and I think my bag may have ended up at about 13kgs.
Learning the art of tightening the straps proves to be extremely beneficial – tight around the stomach, and I mean tight, takes the weigh off your shoulders and tightening the side straps brings the bag in to hug your back – again reducing the impact of the weight.
Witses Hut is one of the many Kosciusko Huts and is looked after by the Wagga Wilderness Walkers who try to visit the hut at least twice a year. The walk is 11.6kms in from Kiandra and starts with crossing the Eucubene River. The trick to this is to loosen off your pack, in case you fall over and your bag squashes you, and follow the person who looks like they know what they are doing.

Hiking shoes off, crocks on.

Hiking shoes off, crocks on.

Our hike is following a good solid track so a nice clear path to watch out for snakes and includes some challenging hills with pleasant downhill slopes. I am pleased to have a break at lunchtime but travelling quite well at this point.

The old crossing before the nice bridge.

The old crossing before the nice bridge.

Off we go again and I have to admit to being a bit foot sore and some leg muscles aches when we finally reach our destination. I set up my tent, much to the surprise of others, and we sit for a cuppa and a chat.
We have all contributed to the nighttime meal and a creek just a short walk away provides us with water for drinking, washing and cooking.

The night is considerable cool and as we head off to bed I find myself with extra issues. Despite the cold my feet are hot and so they have to stick out but the rest of me needs extra so I have my thermals, vest and any other items of clothing draped around – plus I find one of those hand warming bags, they really are fantastic.
After all that I have slept really well and amazingly I am no longer sore so ready for another day of walking.
A very challenging day as we take off cross country, using maps and compasses to navigate the way through to the Gooandra Hut for lunch. We go through streams, bogs and tussock grass – quite tricky but well worth it to see Brumbies race across the plains.

The walk out of here is back on a well-marked track and I am very happy to reach the end. I am sore and stiff after a two hour trip home in the car but extremely happy to have my first overnighter under my belt – woke up pretty good the next day so that was an added bonus.

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