Tantanoola Caves


Whilst in Mount Gambia we venture 20km out of town to Tantanoola Caves with the promise of being easy accessible and spectacular – a big ask. I’ve never minded squeezing in and out of small places, climbing up and down ladders into pitch black and of course this always adds to the view of seeing a beautifully decorated cave. This one I am hoping to share with Shane and on our arrival we are greeted by a very friendly ranger who assures us this is the cave for him. It has been over 50 years since he ventured into a cave and has suffered some horrible experiences that have led him not to venture in one again – until now.


It is explained how the cave was found by a boy hunting for rabbits an enthusiastic ferret disappearing down a hole in the side of the limestone cliffs. Early visitors had to squeeze through this tiny hole to gain access and shimmy along some very slippery wet limestone rocks to reach the cavern but now the opening is at ground level and even wheelchair friendly.

The door is opened and we are gob smacked at the limestone formations, columns, veils, stalactites, stalagmites, straws and mixtures of all. The nice thing is that after the talk you can just sit in the cave and enjoy the surrounds for as long as you like. Lovely and peaceful with just the dripping sound of the water making it’s way through the stalactites.

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