Mount Gambier

29/10 – 1/11/2015

Shane and I love Mount Gambier and a big ‘well done’ to the council for taking care of this enchanting place. Great walks, lots of free activities and very friendly local people.
We get our first glimpse of the famous blue lake as we drive up and around the craters edge on our way to the caravan park. An amazing sapphire blue crater lake – breathtaking.
Our first activity is to walk around it while the sun is shining and enjoy the lake from every angle. This walk is roughly 4km and not too difficult with lots of lookouts and explanations on the way.
The next day we plan our much bigger walk and head off from our campsite to the Leg of Mutton Lake. It is a steep decline taking us down to about 10m above sea level. Due to the water table dropping it is probably been about 40 years since water was registered down the bottom but now it is truly a lush green wonderland that is sheltered from any harsh winds that tear through above.

Leg of Mutton Lake

Leg of Mutton Lake

We cut through The Saddle, which means climbing steeply up to the edge of the next crater rim of the Valley Lake. We can see this lake is the ‘fun’ lake with boat ramps, swimming areas (the water is very cold) and a huge play park.

Valley Lake - view from Centenary Tower

Valley Lake – view from Centenary Tower

Our walk continues around the edge to Brownes Lake – also empty. Here we face our biggest challenge – 350 steps up the side of the crater to Centenary Tower, 190m above sea level. Well worth the walk and the view.

350 steps to the Centenary Tower

350 steps to the Centenary Tower

From here it’s all down hill to home.
Nighttime and daytime fun at the Umpherston Sinkhole with friendly possums in a magical garden with stunning ivy curtains hanging down over the walls.

Our last day here is in brilliant sunshine and really shows off the amazing blue of the lake. Around the edge is an almost iridescent aqua blue, caused by the white limestone underneath and adds an unusually ‘highlighted’ effect to the lake.

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