26/10 – 29/10/2015

Larry the Lobster may have seen better days but it is the sight that marks our way into Kingston and plans are afoot to restore the iconic tourist attraction to its former glory.

Larry the Lobster - Kingston

Larry the Lobster – Kingston

We have a lovely site just across the road from the beach and walk way which leads one way out to the jetty and the other out to Pinks Beach – we never did get to the end of it.

We head out to Butcher Gap Conservation Park for a coastal walk, which usually has water filled lakes but due to a longer than usual dry spell there is very little water in the lakes. For me the coast means lush green trees and a tropical atmosphere but here with very little rainfall the plants and terrain a very different. The walk is very well marked with good descriptive plaques along the way. Birdcalls are all around, many varieties of flowering shrubs and a wonderful surprise for us to come across an echidna intent on raiding an ants nest. A ranger stops for a chat on his way to count the ducks and asks if we have seen any snakes – we haven’t not even a track to which he replies the place is full of them – they are everywhere. In hearing that we are very pleased to be at the end of the track.

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