17/10/2015 Livingston National Park

Livingston National Park – not but the beautiful private property called Silver Springs.

Our usual walking numbers were swelled by 20 or so ‘ring ins’ for our walk around Livingston NP including Conservationists, Botanists, Landcare, Birdwatchers and us. A little bit of history as to why this place in particular has been so well preserved. Back in the day, 1915 it was set aside for railway sleepers/ timber for use at Junee but was never used. Flooding occurred 1949 and then some species habitating the park were identified as rare or endangered. Still it took until 2001 and one to have this area set aside. After that interesting talk the local ranger came over with some bad news – due to two men shooting at police in the area the day before we were asked if we would not walk in the park today.

Lucky for us we were invited to a private property within 15kms and walked around discovering Chocolate and Vanilla Lillies (unfortunately only the smell is chocolate not the taste), beautiful delicate ferns, many other plants I have forgotten, rock wallabies were spotted, eagles flew majestically above, strange bugs appeared on lichen covered rocks and to top it all off a very nasty little introduced plant called Shitty Weed – yes I would remember that one and yes that is exactly what it smelled like.

Our climb to the 2nd highest spot on the property was rewarded with spectacular views over Wagga Wagga and the Murrumbidgee Valley – a great day out in the end with some amazing people.

Looking out over Wagga Wagga

Looking out over Wagga Wagga

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