2015 Blowering Dam

Tagging for Hume and Hovell 50/100 Ultra Marathon – Wednesday 14/10/2015

It is already quite warm when we arrive at the wall of the dam, 15ks from Tumut, so no time for tea and coffee the ‘fast track’ ladies set off to reach the end of the track 8.6ks in and then start tagging making their way back to the second group who will start tagging from the dam. The Hume and Hovell track is a well marked, single file and not too difficult with some nice undulating hills with continuous views of the dam.

Plants are just bursting into life with the warmer temperatures with a definite mix of native and introduced plants. There are sections where the blackberry bushes hem you in from both sides which makes it hot and humid to places where the ferns take over the undergrowth which creates much cooler walking conditions.

6ks in we stop for lunch and then the waiting for the other group begins – not that I minded the extended break and found out more about the interesting plant life that surrounded us.
The trek home is a much quicker walk with no tags to leave but the heat has increased so plenty of water breaks. Some are lucky enough to see a very curious echidna who nose is bent up to sniff the air as they walk passed. I was happy to get up close to this beautiful butterfly.

Could this be a Harlequin Metalmark butterly?

Could this be a Harlequin Metalmark butterly?

We finish with a cuppa at the bottom of the dam wall – a great day out.

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