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Gulargambone 29/5 – 30/5/2015

From the place of many crows to the place of many galahs! (Thanks dad for the quote.)
Gulargambone actually means watering hole for many galahs – where as Wagga Wagga means place of many crows but pretty close.
I have wanted to visit Gulargambone since I heard about the place at the dinner we went to at Bourke called Poetry on a Plate and we are not disappointed. The owners of the caravan park here, David and Bernadette, have done a fair bit of travelling themselves and have really taken on all that encompasses a great camping experience. Every afternoon is happy hour with nibbles such as pizza, spring rolls and a different damper cooked in the camp oven over the hot coals. Wednesdays and Sundays they cook up a roast that is a real treat not to be missed. We booked in for an extra night just to enjoy it with our fellow travellers.
The town itself has made it their challenge to make everyone welcome and the tourist information center 2828 café/gallery is great for coffee, delicious cakes, lovely lunches and plenty of artwork from the local talent. It is a credit to the volunteers who work very hard to make it special.
We did manage to walk along the Castlereagh River before the rain set in and happily stayed until the sun came out again. Shane enjoyed his daily chats so much so I ended up calling him Mr Havachat but he had plenty of company with that.
Hope to be back one day!