Charleville 21/5/2015

On the way to Charleville we feel like a couple of twitchers on the loose. The rain has brought out the birds and we are so fortunate to see a wedge-tail eagle, kites, emus galore, crows, galahs of course and a couple of bush turkeys – a great treat.
On arrival it is quite damp under foot, which has the locals jumping for joy, but makes some activities less than desirable. The clouds clear a little, the sun is trying to make its presence known and we really want to stretch our legs so a big walk is planned for the afternoon. We walk for a couple of hours but our favourite section is the river walk along the banks of the Warrego. Although only water holes at the moment the one here is large, long and deep – Shane is almost tempted to try fishing but decides the roads in are too boggy. Today, due to the rain, the trunks of some trees look black and add another dimension to the bush set against a grey stormy sky with freshly washed leaves shiny green.
We were hoping to have an evening with the stars as from 5pm until 7 the sky is clear and bright but sadly just before the show was about to start the clouds came over and the cosmos viewing was closed down.
Charleville is full of things to see and do as they really do cater for the ‘grey’ nomads – we just happened to choose a starry encounter on the wrong night.

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