Longreach 18/5 – 19/5/2015

Long looked forward to and anticipated we are finally here at Longreach. Our introduction is a challenging one…….. to fit the caravan into a very small park with wall-to-wall vans. Thankfully Shane is an awesome reverser. The good thing is that everyone here is super friendly, despite the tight conditions, and our friends from Bourke, Martin and Carol and happy to see us. The Thomson River looks good, the weather is a lovely warm 28′ and happy hour extends into the evening with plenty of people to swap stories with.
There are so many things to do here you could drop $1,000 in just a couple of days without blinking – Quantas, Cob n Co, station tours and river cruises. We choose one thing – entry to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame with dinner and a show. Not being a real fan of museums we find the Hall of Fame a little under whelming. So much to read, poor lighting and with some of the displays not open/working did not help. Still, the Royal Flying Doctors display was great with short films to enjoy and the somewhat eerie looking stockman talking over his campfire was a highlight as well as the film showing RM Williams and some local stockmen and women. On the other hand we thoroughly enjoyed the nighttime show and the generous roast dinner was superb.

We sit around chatting into the evening again and loved the story of the fishing spot just south of Roma where one of the fellas says “you have to stand behind the tree to bait your hook” – I just looked at him quizzically and he said “that’s because the fish will jump out and grab it before you can get your line in the water!”
Shane tries his hand at catching a fish a river with no carp for the next couple of mornings but apart from some decent bites his record stays in tact – 0 fish! Maybe that spot near Roma is the go.

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