Tambo 17/5/2015

Shane was really looking forward to fishing in the Barcoo but it seems that there has been a considerable lack of rain and things are not looking good.
• Lachlan River – carp
• Darling River – carp and a small perch
• Warrego River – bites but no fish
• Barcoo River – no water to fish in
Just the Thomson at Longreach to try out now.

We are staying in a very quiet little bush caravan park and have been made very welcome by Daphne. Shane reckons she saw us turning in 200 meters up the road and came running out to greet us before we changed our minds. Daphne is a great representative for the area and has a wealth of knowledge to share with great stories to go with it. Getting here just after 2 we have plenty of time for a walk along the banks of the Barcoo River, which now consists of a string of water holes rather than continually flowing. Along the walk there is a small memorial to a plane crash that happened in 1927 where the pilot thought he could land on the football field but didn’t take into account the fence. Sadly he tried to get back up in the air but stalled the plane and it plummeted to the ground. He and two others died in the crash, which happened to be a Quanta’s plane – apparently not officially a passenger flight so doesn’t count on their unflawed safety record.

The memorial to the 3 people who died in the Quantas plane crash

The memorial to the 3 people who died in the Quantas plane crash

It is an interesting little town and I get an education about the river systems in the area from Daphne. Lots of information but I liked this little fact. The Barcoo River meets the Thomson River, which then flows into Coopers Creek at Windorah. Apparently the only place in the world where two rivers make a creek.

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