Things that happen at the back of Bourke

We had been in Kidman’s Camp for 3 days and it was moving time as with our neighbors, Carol and Martin, both of us heading to Cunnamulla. I was in our van making the last checks while Shane did what he had to do outside when we both heard a loud noise from next door. The van next to us had tilted abruptly forward into the ground, with a small part from the coupling going flying and we all stood around scratching our heads of what to do. All was not lost as with refitting the jockey plate, thankfully automatic, the van was set back level. We head off to have our brakes checked and they head to the trailer parts and repair shop down the road. Finally after 3 hours we head off and wonder how our fellow travellers got on as we head back past the Kidman’s Camp. It’s well past the dinner bell when we finally stop at the Queensland border so most other travellers have been and gone with us being the only van stopped. As I’m walking up to the fenced border line, which Shane suspects is part of the famous dog fence, a familiar van starts pulling in and lo and behold it’s Carol and Martin who decide to have a late lunch here. Happily we find that they managed to get a new part and all was well. Again we said our farewells, leave them to their lunch and head off again vowing to have a drink together if we met up again. Now, as we come into Cunnamulla we find it has 2 caravan parks but Shane likes the look of the one out of town on the river, a spot of fishing in his plans. We park out the front at the office and whom do you think drives up behind us but Carol and Martin. It really is a laugh and later we get together around the campfire at the park for happy hour. Chatting away with them to our further amazement find that Carol spent 3 years in Deniliquin, Shane’s hometown, around 1979. It just so happens that she was married to the Dr who Shane’s father credits to saving his life many years ago.
At this time of the year there are literally hundreds of caravaner’s on the road heading north and these incredible, impossible, wonderful situations seem to happen with odd regularity which just simply blows me away.
The world just keeps getting smaller!

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