Cobar 10/5 – 11/5/2015

IMG_0712With a population of 5,000 and a rich mining history we thought it might be worth a look around Cobar.
Its mothers day so being away from all of my children Shane takes me to lunch at the Great Western Hotel, which happens to boast the longest iron-lace verandah in the Southern Hemisphere, pretty special but the lovely seafood wood fired pizza was too – delicious!
It’s also a nice afternoon for a walk taking in the sights around Cobar. The walk is very well set out with plenty of interesting plaques to read giving information about the history, wildlife and fauna. Its about 5.5ks but Shane reckons I made him walk 6 so I could see the big beer can on the way back.
The spectacular colours of the outback
In the morning we head to the weather station and join the meteorologist during his check of the various stations. Ground temperature, wind speed, cloud density and rain are just a few of the things that are checked and recorded. In Australia there are 45 weather stations as far away as Mawson and everyone does the same thing every day at the same time. The pinnacle of the session is watching the weather balloon take off into the atmosphere and hearing the squeals of delight – blink and you’ll miss it. This was a surprisingly interesting thing to do and shows that sometimes you just have to give it a go.

Packing lunch we head off to the National Park and walk around Mount Grenfell Historical Site and National Park. Well worth the drive to see the Aboriginal Art, which has layer upon layer of paintings and a nice 5k walk through bushland. At times quite challenging with the path disappearing over rocks and us relying on the yellow posts to find our way. On several occasions you had to reach one pole to be able to see the next one so a little daunting but found our way through and it made the walk a bit more adventurous.

We finish with the Fort Bourke Lookout to see the open cut mine, home for a well earned beer, wine and chat with neighbours.

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