Lachlan River Rest Area – Wallanthery 9/5/2015

After spending a wonderful evening with friends at Darlington Point we move on to our trip up through outback NSW. We are keen to camp at one of the free camps on the way and the Lachlan River Rest Area has some good reviews. Lachlan River Rest AreaIt turns out to be a lovely spot right on the river and Shane is keen to put a line in. I go for a stroll along the banks and on my return Shane lets me know he has lost a rod. Shane, looking a little sad after his rod went downstream in a hurryApparently after a very good bite the fish took off taking the rod clear out of the rod holder and disappearing before he could grab it. He has gone in as far as he dares but it looks like the rod and reel have gone. He perseveres with his fishing if not a little less enthusiastically, while I sit quietly reading. Half an hour later he appears with the lost rod. He caught the line with another rod, pulled in the line, which landed the rod, started reeling in the line and there was the fish. Sadly it was a carp, it would have been amazing to have a nice Murray Cod on the end but it was great to get that rod back!A beautiful spot on the Lachlan RiverLachlan River

4 thoughts on “Lachlan River Rest Area – Wallanthery 9/5/2015

  1. sylgreg

    Lovely photos Jan and a great story! So many nice places to stay on the Darling – we had a great trip a few years ago – stayed at a nice camp spot on a homestead in Louth – hot showers and the pub not too far away – enjoy

  2. Richard Rose

    Good to hear that you’re enjoying your trip. These carp are real good at taking rods off the bank. I should know because it happened to me, and I got the rod back when someone else hooked my line complete with the fish still on the hook.


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