The Grampians 1/3/2015

After some very bumpy roads we make it to Halls Gap at the base of the Grampians and manage to unpack the car before torrential rain hit. We did plan a walk for the evening but there is no way we can head out so its staying in for some nice seafood pasta.
In the morning the day looks beautiful, the air is fresh and the bush is sparkling. It’s going to be a big day and we start with McKenzie’s Falls. Due to the rain from the night before the water is thundering over the rocks and the waterfall is amazing. The surrounding bush is still blackened from an extremely bad brushfire a couple of years ago but the signs are there that things are starting to recover.

McKenzie Falls

McKenzie Falls

imageIt’s quite a climb back out so our next ‘port of call’ is the Booroka lookout, not too strenuous but amazing views of the valley below. Booroka lookout
After a break for lunch we decide to climb to the Pinnacle, a relatively easy walk I assure everyone but I have forgotten some of the harder sections so I am ‘told’. As we are walking Jazz and Dan think it would a good idea to go and do the adventure putt putt but finding out it is only open today until 5 means our leisurely amble becomes a power walk. Up rocks, across sand, rain pools and through the bush in record time. We do spend time being in awe of the sights even though the boys are a bit nervous hanging out at the very top.
At the top, Dan trying to escape and Jazz trying to hold him back

At the top, Dan trying to escape and Jazz trying to hold him back

Off to putt putt and I do have to say it is one of the most challenging I have ever done and it caused quite a stir the last time we played. Lots of giggles, ‘practice’ shots and Daniel ends up the winner on the day.
An impossible shot but Dan keeps the ball on track.

An impossible shot but Dan keeps the ball on track.

Next up is the sunset trip to the Balconies, very nice, cold and a beautiful spot to look out over the ranges.The Balconies
It’s good to get back to our cabin for an amazing wine from the Hunter Valley and a first class steak cooked by Dan.

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