Moulamein 28/2/2015

We are currently catching up with our son (Dan) and his girlfriend (Jasmine) who are over from the UK. As this is a meet the family/friends trip we are off to Moulamein to catch up with Karina, do some yabbying and enjoy a beer at the Tatts.

Looks like we might fill the whole box

Looks like we might fill the whole box

Our friends Jenny and Chris invite us for a cruise up the river in their party boat the next day, the river is high and the weather is perfect. The best party boat in townWe head downstream first and as we turn the bend away from the town we see a fella dressed in his bowls gear, bowls bag to his side, a sandwich and a bottle of water in hand standing on his own on the deserted bank of the river. Being such a small town he is easily recognised so we steer the boat over and ask what’s going on. “Well,” he says, “I’m waiting for china to pick me up to take me across to the club in his boat but the bugger is late and the bus is gunna leave off at 12:00 with or without us. Can’t have the team forfeit to the Murray Downs mob!” We don’t want that on our conscience so we bring him on board, turn around and head upstream. Just as we get to the mouth of the Billabong we a boat going full pelt, nose up in the air looking like it’s going to flip at any minute. “That’ll be China now, just wants me to balance the boat,”he says. Sure enough it slows down and the nose of the boat hits the water, there is China at the helm, also dressed in his bowls gear. We get the two blokes together and off they go and I’m still shaking my head thinking only in Moulamein. (Later on we find the boat tied up at the club access from the river so I suppose they made it.)Moulamein club

All in all it has been a great stop over, plenty of yabbies, good catch up with family and friends and a bonus story to tell.

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