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Manyana 24/12 – 31/12/2014

Since moving from the coast in 1980 I have learned to appreciate trips to the beach more and more, I call it my hearts home. My early childhood memories are filled with making sandcastles, peering into rock pools, fishing, pulling abalone off rocks, swimming, collecting shells and generally messing about at the edge of the ocean. Manyana reminds me so much of these times spent at Durras and Malua Bay, a simple beachside community, unspoilt by population, not over commercialised, surrounded by the sounds of the Australian bush.

Happily I indulge in the simple pleasure of walking on the beach, letting the water wrap delightfully around my feet with an incoming wave, watching the sea lurch, stretch, push forward and reluctantly ease back pulling at the sand …. wonderful. Looking into rock pools we find a starfish and watch fish darting in the shallows, crabs scuttling for shelter under rocks and seaweed swaying to a rhythm unseen.

A few lovely days of swimming, catching waves, canoeing, fishing, walking and spending time with family. Bliss!