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Yan’s Crossing Trail 25/10/2014

Our walk begins about 20kms from Talbingo just off the Snowy Mountains Highway and Shane and I have no idea what we are in for except that there will be a creek crossing. Our group of twelve happily set off into the bush at a good steady pace. Our trail takes us down hill for the first few kilometres with some challenging steeper sections that have us treading carefully. The sounds of the bush are all around us and it is lovely to hear so many different birds in the area. We come to the Yarrangobilly Creek and the reason the for the name of this trail. (Yan delivered supplies to the homesteads and mining camps and of course had to cross this creek.) Our shoes and socks removed we now see the chosen footwear of the more seasoned walkers and I’m no longer sure of my choice of thongs being a good one. Proven true when I try to navigate through the creek and find the only muddy spot to tread in which promptly sucked my thong off my foot. (Need to get some of those lovely looking crocs for creek crossings.)image

It is now 12:30pm and the heat of the day is fully upon us so it was not a good thing that we have started to climb up hill. This was quite challenging, very hot and every time we thought we had reached the top there was still more to go. We stopped for some lunch, rest and water and went back to walking uphill for another hour or so. On this part of the trail we start to see many native flowers and we are grateful that we do have someone who knows all of the names so an education begins, at least I remembered the common names for them.


Finally at our destination, the Journama Homestead, and although the building is in ruins, lilac trees bloom and flourish, daffodils have continued to multiply and the fruit trees are still flowering.

Journama Homestead Ruins

Journama Homestead Ruins

The walk is about 10kms and although it have some steep declines and inclines there were plenty of recovery plateaus so overall a relatively easy straight forward walk.