Paris 22/6 – 24/6/2014

Ooo la la Pari!

We arrive in Paris with enticing glimpses of the Eiffel Tower and can’t wait to start exploring. We head to our hotel via the subway and realise that we can do most of our sight seeing this way. The metro is great but I think our earlier training on the London train system has definitely helped us and soon we are fairly confident in getting around. The Arc de Triumph. is our first stop, then a nice walk in the sunshine to the Eiffel Tower. It seems amazing to be here at one of the worlds most photographed structures and to think it was only supposed to be temporary but everyone loved it so much it is now a permanent part of the Paris skyline. We sit eating an ice cream before heading for the Moulan Rouge. Shane asks the question he always asks so many times during our travels – “how far is it and how long will it take to get there?” This question has been asked many, many times and I have always answered “I’ve never been there so how would I know.” But this time I reply ” well, the last time I came here it took about 45 minuets so we need to add an hour as I was much younger.” Shane sits there for a while obviously absorbing this information and then looks at me a little puzzled until the penny drops – I haven’t been here before so I don’t know. I’m laughing and he is saying all sorts of things but, fingers crossed, I have cured him. We find Moulan Rouge just across the road from the train station and I check out the inside – hard to believe this all started with a bunch of working girls kicking up their heals for fun. I really need something to pick me up so a quick beer at the Harp an Irish Sports Bar. I know we really shouldn’t be in an Irish pub in Paris but it is kind of nice talking to people in English for a few hours. I move into dangerous ground with some Sangrias and the walk home hardly bothers me at all. The next day we continue with our foot tour to the Notre Dame and the Louve. It takes us a while to find the Mona Lisa but definitely worth it, although the crush to get to the front is insane – I’m surprised Shane stuck with me but then he was hanging onto my bag as if his life depended on it, which was around my neck, while I took pictures – he seemed to be very concerned about pick-pocketers being everywhere.  To complete Pari we hop on a bus and head around the city by night – spectacular! Very special way to end our holiday.

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