Rouen 17/6/2014

Shane doesn’t sleep at all last night, too worried about going to sleep and missing our plane to Paris. It is an early start at 2am and sad to farewell Daniel but our holiday is nearing an end and we must start making our way home. At Paris we are very impressed with all the assistance us foreign English people can get – helpers are everywhere. We have decided to drop off our big bags and continue with a couple of back packs until we go and though it does cost more than expected I am relieved not to be dragging them around. we get the train to Rouen which is a name you have to say with force through your nose so it comes out something like Rue but I still can’t get it right. We are worn out and pick the one of the closest hotels to collapse in. I start doing some research and find out Joan of Arc is much revered here – her imprisonment, torture, trial and ultimately, her death all happened in this place. There are bridges, streets, and a museum just to make sure you don’t miss it. Her story is well documented and an interesting tale of an amazing life, though ended tragically to soon.

We enjoy a walk through the streets, the buildings are quite different to anything else we have seen in Europe, wander passed the Notre Dame of Rouen. (Notre Dame’s actual meaning is Our Lady – referring to the blessed Virgin Mary so most French towns have a Notre Dame of something.)

We do come back here after Fecamp and enjoy a walk along the river Seine before heading to the hectic crowds of Paris – one more quiet night in the country before battling the crowds, the metro and other tourists.



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