Prague II 17/6 – 19/6/2014

Usually I don’t do a take two but Prague is pretty special and we have set out to have quite an adventure today. Shane has actually agreed to go on an electric bike tour of Prague – just because he knows Daniel and I really want to do it. First we head down to the square for some markets, a light lunch and go to a Shisha bar. To put everyone’s minds at rest these have no nicotine and are just a nice flavoured smoke, ours was grape, so no naughty business going on here. Most of the tour is on bike tracks but initially we are weaving our way through traffic and negotiating bridges, cars and pedestrians. These bikes are so good and do all the heavy work for you so we are able to much further than ordinary bikes or, our usual mode of transport, walking. the guides are wonderful, pouring their stories into our lives and making the tour so very interesting. Pointing out various other sights and some very interesting activities – tight rope walking in the park. We learn about romantic facts – the 1st of May is lovers day and many people flock to parks and gardens to sit under the cherry blossom, our guide says he has never done it and thinks that love should be more private than crowds of people pushing and shoving to get spot. I do get – shall we say ….. Lost again, or rather I think the guide says 15 minutes of free time not realising he will show us around for 15 minutes. So I wander around oblivious, taking photos and then I make my way back to the bikes and the guide says ” your son was worried about you not being with the group”. (Oh dear, I hate upsetting anyone but I do have a bad reputation for being in la la land at times.) I have a nice chat to our guide about the Czech Republic, the protestor saying the president took his house and various other stuff as the rest of the group come back. I have to say I am not the only one gone astray and we are ready to set off having to leave one of our guides behind to wait but just before we take off he finally shows up. We set off again passing the old castle walls, under the Charles bridge and back to the bike shop. We are very pleased with ourselves.

That night Shane is very tired and his legs don’t want to take another step so Dan and I venture out to eat at a local recommended restaurant. It is so hard to choose from the ver extensive menu but finally I decide on the rabbit and Dan has a ‘mixed grill’ of pork, duck and other things. Both meals are delicious topped off with a local Riesling that I enjoy immensely.

The next day we watch the State of Origin at a Irish Pub, very bizarre, and happily watch NSW win the series. Then once more to the Lokal for more beer and a schnitzel. A sunset stroll across the Charles Bridge completes our time in Prague.

Shane and I don’t get much sleep as we have to be up by 2:30am to go to the airport and Paris. Oh well, plenty of time to rest when we get home.





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