Prague 16/6/2014

Prague is one of Daniel’s favourite places and at first glance it is colourful and brimming over with a welcoming atmosphere. It is a bit of a mad dash to catch the walking tour but so glad we did. Our guide Petri is Czech so has first hand experience and shares her knowledge generously. Gruesome stories of clock makers being blinded, ghost stories of haunted churches, spiritual signs and visions of how Prague even came to be and about an artist with an interesting slant on the world which makes us all want to look. We were educated on their tumultuous past, the recent split with Slovakia, the building architecture and how changing to euros will effect them. Names that seem so complicated roll off her tongue as she recalls the history of martyrs and the human sacrifice that is part of this country. The Czech Republic became independent of Russia by peacefully demonstrating, over 300,000 people in Wenceslas square, taking keys out of their pockets and shaking them in the air, “give us back our country”!

Our tour goes for almost 3 hours but we seriously don’t notice the time and I would highly recommend this to anyone coming here.

We watch the special astronomical clock go through its hourly paces, not terribly exciting but as it goes every hour it is much easier to see than the one in Munich.

It is time to find out the real reason Daniel likes this place so much and we are off to a beer hall called Lokal and the beer is tanka. This simply means that the unpasteurised beer is delivered within hours of brewing In 2,000ltr tanks. Inside these pressurised tanks are big thick plastic bags which are filled with beer and the high pressure forces the beer to the tap, full of flavour and without the need to carbonate. The result is crisp, clean flavours that is fresh and goes down easy, perhaps a little too easy.

We also enjoy the famous Chezk goulash with dumplings, washed down with more beer of course.

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