Munich 14/6/2014

Munich has a different vibe to the other places we have visited in Europe. It has been modernised due to the Olympics and yet still has many gothic style buildings which sets the scene for the nature of the city. A real mix of old and new with many cultures from around the world catered for.

We embark on a walking tour with Daniel covering the justice building where members of the White Rose group were tried and beheaded for protesting against the nazi regime. We see the famous Marienplatz Clock which goes through a special routine at 12 noon and 5pm. (Shane and I end up doing a dash through the streets to try and make the 5pm time slot with a very friendly local showing us the way just to see it. We just make it with 5 minutes to spare and I thought it was pretty special so worth the effort.) The church built by two brothers is amazing, the Asamkirche, dedicated to a monk who drowned in the Danube River, which started off as a private place of worship but public demand won over and it was opened up for everyone to enjoy. The inside is opulently decorated and every space is filled with golden statues, spiral columns, decorations and to top it off a beautiful stain glass window to allow the sun in to subtly illuminate this place of worship. Fountains are on nearly every street corner and square in the town and since I love a good water fountain I am overwhelmed. They look so amazing, different shapes, sizes and just lovely workmanship.

Of course our tour is not complete without a visit to the most famous beer hall the Hafbrauhaus and it is something to experience. I can only imagine what this place would be like during Octoberfest as this place is quite full now. A band comes out to play and music fills the hall with people clapping and singing along. We also try one of the huge pretzels and beer, beer beer. We walk around for some more sight seeing and end up at a beautiful beer garden that we may have spent a little too much time in, Shane enjoys a pork knuckle, Dan some sausages but it is very difficult for me as I am not a huge fan of pork – whoops can’t mention that here

The next day we head to the English Garden, interesting name but just because of the form of the garden rather than the location, and it is huge 3.7ksq so you definitely need a packed lunch to get from one side to the other. It is a very beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy with music drifting around from a variety of buskers and musicians. Here too is a couple of bars – after all no English garden would be complete without a German beer hall!

We booked a train from Munich to Prague and guess what – it turned out to be a bus. I imagine we were quite a sight with Daniel striding out in front with his phone to locate the bus station with Shane and I running along with our back packs and suitcases rolling down the footpath, Very exhilarating and we did make it.




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