Italy, Austria and Germany 13/6/2014

Friday the thirteenth and three countries in 8 hours – not bad really. We decide the train trip will be a nice way to,travel and see the country side. We are not disappointed and Shane is very interested in the crops and looks carefully at how they grow their absolutely delicious tomatoes hoping to pick up some tips on the way. So much of the scenery is like picture postcards, a little village nestled into the valley, a church at the centre, beautiful green hills folded in around the outskirts and in the distance snow capped mountains.

Verona is our last stop in Italy and we are hopeful of getting tickets to Munich but prepared to stay here a night if necessary. We have no trouble and just an hour to wait. The ticket person asked if we wanted to reserve seats and then I thought she said for €50 so I said no thank you. Dan tells us to jump on as quick as we can to find a seat but with so many reserved signs it was too difficult so Shane and I get seats until the next stop while Daniel goes exploring. Soon He is back and takes us to a seat further down the train but in those nice little room ones with about 6 seats. We have the whole thing to ourselves and plenty of room for all our stuff. Shane and I are sure we shouldn’t be here and in my mind I’m already making up excuses and hoping we don’t get fined or worst still thrown off the train. A long 20 minuets later the ticket officer comes, smiles happily, stamps our ticket and while Shane and I breathe a sigh of relief, Daniel enjoys saying ‘I told you so’! I just could believe the absolute chaos in the other section of the train, no room for bags, people clambering to get seats and just down a couple of cabooses we are spread out relaxing. Shane is still wondering why anyone would reserve seats, not for €50 and Dan says it was 4.50 Euro. I’m glad I miss heard as I would have missed getting these seats.

4:30 in the afternoon and we arrive in Munich and the accommodation is the best yet – a lovely apartment and nice and close to the station – we are slowly learning the tricks to travelling.


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