Florence 10/6/2014

On our way to Florence we sit near two American girls on the train from Atlanta who quite happily gave us some good market tips about ‘negotiating’ to get the best deals. The trip went so fast chatting and sharing travelling tales that we are in Florence in no time. It is beautiful and very hot and very humid. The locals tell us this weather is a month early and our walk to the hotel seems very long but I still like glances up at the buildings so colourful in yellows, terracottas, stucco topped off with old fashioned terracotta roof tiles. The streets are clean, cobblestone style with no rubbish at all and such a pleasure to walk around.

We set out everyday to see beautiful buildings but one of the most stunning is the marble church The Duoma. This took two centuries to complete and still has the largest brick dome in the world – imagine that the architect would never see the end result! The inside of the church is very plain some say it is because the outside was made for God’s eyes and the inside was made so people could properly worship without distraction.

Of course this is the home of the statue of David, which appears everywhere even in the entrance of hotels. We go to see where the original Statue of David stood, with a replica in its place, before it was moved to the museum. Unfortunately the line for the real thing was very long and set tours were filled until Friday – the day we were leaving.

We head to the Piazzale Michelangelo that overlooks the city and enjoy a lovely bottle of Chianti which is the wine from the local area.

There is so much to be enjoyed here, walking around the markets where people really want you to sample there home made salami’s and cheeses, the narrow streets of the historical centre, the architecture of the buildings and the wonderful food.

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