Arrivederci Roma (Farewell to Rome)

Our last afternoon in Rome turns out to be quite special. Daniel is heading off to find a delicatessen to buy cheese and salami for his Italian friend in London so Shane and I will explore on our own and hopefully find our way to the restaurant tonight. The metro is a very good way to get around but with signs in Italian very easy to end up going in the wrong direction. I get very excited when everything goes perfectly. We walk along the Palatine walls, which is right next to the Collosseum, and then along the River Tiber. I want to navigate to a church which is reportedly the oldest in Rome. It takes some skill to find the names of roads, yes we are doing it the old fashioned way with just a map, and then around a corner there it is. Not as grand as some of the other churches but inside it is softly lit by candles lining the aisles, subtle light coming through the beautiful coloured glass windows which reveals stunning artwork around the dome of the alter. According to records the first mass was held here. There is a service in progress so we only stay for a very short time. We do find our way to the restaurant and it is very classy. Waiters everywhere and a wine list of about 20 pages, each page filled with choices. It is one of those places you could spend a fortune or enjoy for a reasonable amount. We have heard the pasta here is extraordinary but start with an appetiser that so lovingly on the menu says ‘prepared and cooked by my wife Maria’. The ravioli looks interesting, a secret recipe that can not be revealed and the pasta is prepared and served in the same dish, all are thoroughly enjoyed but I think the ravioli is the pick so, so tasty. We have a crazy ride home in a bus for a good nights sleep and then tomorrow we leave for Florence.


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