Rome 7/6/2014

Rome, or Roma as my Italian friend says, is a  warm 30 plus and a busy, bustling place to get around, especially with a suitcases on the metro. It is hard for me to believe but here I am in this city, full of mind blowing history and every corner you turn there is something interesting to see. The fountain of Trevi leads us to the Temple Adriano to the Pantheon – extraordinary and on the way some lovely refreshments – beer served at your table in a 3 and 1/2 litre container that you use to pour your own beer – both boys are excited about this and it sets a nice mood at the bar and entertainment for the people passing by. The anticipation has definitely heightened for our other expeditions. For me probably the colosseum is the most awe inspiring and certainly so much to take in with its construction and terrible, gorey stories of battles between men and man and beasts. At its full capacity it could hold 70,000 people and the seats were allocated according to class – so I would have been in the nose bleed seats for sure. One good thing, back then, was the entry was free but on one occasion an event went for 120 days so it may get a bit tedious waiting for the result.  Whilst our sight seeing is important my favourite times are enjoying delicious food, walking through the streets and some of the lovely conversations we have had with people along the way. We had a very long but enjoyable walk around sunset, stopped for dinner, drinks and walked back in the night. Evenings bring a new atmosphere to the streets of Rome, couples hand in hand, music drifting through the squares and people spilling out into the streets from bars laughing and chatting. Best restaurants have been one recommended by our hosts, just around the corner Joseph’s Aurelia, I had gnocchi with Gorgonzola and radicchio, and Acquisto Cartasi, I had pizza with prosuitto, rocket and truffle, recommended to us by one of Daniels friends. Go where the locals go! Of course this means at times it becomes a little challenging with the language but most of the time we are able to communicate – I just get a bit mixed up with my Italian and French but it is always appreciated when you have a go. We are here for one more night so off out to dinner at another recommended venue near Santa Maria in Tragterene.


2 thoughts on “Rome 7/6/2014

  1. Richard Rose

    I would have thought that a bank manager and his wife would have been given some of the best seats in the house in them days. Why would they put such an important couple in the nose bleed section?


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