The Three Tuns Coaching Inn/Woodbridge 4/6 – 5/6/2014

After a hard day climbing ladders, steps, up hill and down dale Shane and I decided to stay in Framlingham and despite the best efforts of the ladies at the cafe we totally miss the road to the B & B’s and end up on our way to Ipswich – thankfully we hadn’t booked anywhere so no one is still waiting for us to turn up. We do not wish to tackle Ipswich being so tired but unfortunately turning around is not an option due to the narrow roads so we reluctantly continue on. We come to a turn-off to Woodbridge and decide we will try for accommodation there but then …….. In the distance ………. It’s a pub, no it’s a hotel ……. It’s everything! We have stumbled upon an oasis, a refuge from the driving and navigating challenges. We are greeted by George, who promises rest, shower, food, drink and comfort – all for a very reasonable price. We take full advantage and soon we are back in the bar enjoying some fine beverages with Lee looking after us, entertaining us with his stories and banter. Lee has a terrific sense of humour and George is a wonderful host – you only have to ask!

I enjoy reading some of the interesting history of the coaching inn which includes the death of a local who died as a consequence from a visitation of God – natural causes apparently.

We meet Val and Mike who we seem to immediately click with and spend the next few hours catching up like long lost friends. We extend the fun into dinner and Lee even wants to set up our breakfast tables together. It is an extraordinarily, amazingly special evening and so relaxing we are reluctant to go off to our room.

We swap addresses in the morning and venture into Woodbridge. It’s a lovely town to walk around and we manage to get a few jobs done, haircuts, shopping and then a lovely pork and Stilton cheese pie for Shane and a Cranberry, bacon and Brie pie for me enjoyed whilst sitting watching the tide come on the Deben River.

The pleasantries over we head off on my most nerve racking trip – the drive to the airport. We are on guard, senses alert and watching every sign post. Everything was going quite well until we joined the A120 and went east instead of west …… Ah well we did get to the right place at the end. Thank goodness Daniel is joining us tomorrow we are well and truly ready to be chauffeured around!

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