Wisbech/Cambridge 1/6/2014

The ‘relies’ run.
I was pretty excited to be going to see Aunty Pat and Uncle Lionel, who came out to Australia about 24 years ago and they have invited us to stay – so lovely. We have no trouble finding the place, unusual for us, and enjoy hugs before heading out to the Red Lion for a ‘gravy’ meal, which is a traditional roast. We meet up with Uncle Robin and his wife Cathy and things get a little emotional. Robin rescued me from my Grandad’s and my dad’s wrath when they mistakenly thought I was lost whilst I was having a great time chasing reindeer. I’ve never forgotten his kind deed all these years so we had a good laugh. We all enjoy a very long lunch and the roast is the best yet with a huge Yorkshire pudding smothered in the best gravy! I guess things just taste better when you are with some really great company and entertaining conversations.
In the morning Shane and I go to see my dad’s brother and his wife Dorothy with the intention of getting the 2 brothers onto FaceTime. Alas the technology did not wish to comply so the big anticipated event did not happen. It was good to see Uncle Bill and Shane is amazed how much alike the 2 brothers are – particularly with their mannerisms.
Lionel and Pat then take us on a tour of Wisbech visiting where my mum grew up in a little terrace house with 9 other siblings and her parents. It all seems so much smaller than I remember when I see the street and sadly the houses have deteriorated so they look very run down. I guess as a young girl everything seemed so different, the street seemed longer and let’s face it, this was 41 years ago. The size of the house is still startling to think that so many lived here, poor but happy Lionel and Robin say. (Lionel talks about getting his first pair of underwear when he went to high school – can’t imagine.)
Off we go to visit with my cousin Mike his wife Marion and their twins Brendan and Matthew and we get a very warm welcome. What a lovely family and so happy to chat and listen, swapping travel stories and lots of laughs.
It’s lovely to get around Cambridge very relaxed on the ‘park and drive bus’, no navigating necessary! The buildings are incredible and we end up doing the tourist thing and going for a punt down the river Cambs which we really enjoy, learning some very interesting trivia and facts about the buildings, famous students and strange bridges. We also learn that Pink Floyd played their first gig here at the Anchor Hotel. So our education is now complete – we have been to Cambridge!
We return back to the Roses for a night out at Roller hockey with the boys, very fast game and the boys are terrific. Mike then takes us to ‘the Bank’ which is now a quaint, cheery pub that serves a variety of ales and a nice cider. It is a happy night and just such a special time catching up. Enjoying an Ale or to at The Bank was a novel idea for a retired bank manager!


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