Hunstanton 31/5/2014

Consett to Hunstanton is about 450 miles, through Sherwood Forest and the moors. I have to say it wasn’t our original intention to go that far but it has turned out just fine. It was an easy trip until we decided to look for a place to stay. Holbeach sounded quite nice so we turned down that road. From then on every sign we came across said Holbeach, Holbeach in every direction and yet we are surrounded by farms and vegetables with the occasional house or group of houses. We go down one street then another, never seeming to reach Holbeach and feeling like we are going around in circles but never coming across the same place! Thankfully, we come across a pub, very flash somewhere in Holbeach, we think anyway. We enjoy a cold drink and ask how to get back on the Kings Lynne Road – the fellow laughed and said “yes we came here 3 years ago and still can’t find our way out – all roads lead to Holbeach”. Honestly I truly believe it is the Bermuda Triangle of Britain and the pub was weird, all modern and crazy – maybe if we had ‘stayed the night’ we would have ended up in our own Rocky Horror Picture Show!

After talking to Aunty Pat she suggests we go on to Hunstanton, get ourselves some fish and chips from Fishers and stay put. She said she is looking forward to seeing us tomorrow – if we can find her place. We do just that, enjoy a long walk around the headlands, beach, beautiful parks and are amazed when the tide finally comes in after seeing it so low. We try some cockles and sit in the park with our lovely fish ‘n chips, some nice cod but glad we only got the small piece!

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