Hadrians Wall 30/5/2014

Setting off to Hadrains Wall today, armed with good advice, maps and confidence…….until a couple of minutes down the track we miss the turn off for the quieter road, instead of the M5 – not to worry it will make the journey quicker and with less turns, just more traffic.

Our first glimpse of the wall is something to remember set in beautiful green sheep and cattle pastures and remarkably intact. Our first walk takes us along the wall up a natural hill and shows the true workmanship of something that has been around since 120 AD – all to keep those terrible barbarians out of the south. We then head back out on the road that follows along the wall with some interesting dips – wise not to go too fast. The next stop is the Roman Fort, which is now in ruins, but still amazing that you can see most of the foundations of the buildings, entrances and wall. The Romans must have missed their warmer climate and even had under house heating – at least for the higher ranks. Well worth our trip up here – a very interesting slice of history that is easily accessible to everyone.

Maybe we were too busy chatting about the experience we just had but we miss an easy turn, although not well signposted, so need to backtrack a little. It’s so good to be in a place that even though you may go off track nothing is too far to come back to. I think we are definitely the accidental tourists that seem to find ourselves on the right road despite our best efforts to get lost.  Consett was our looseLy planned destination for the day and we are so relieved to find it. I pull into a pub, just off the side of the road, that has accommodation, so we can set up for the night. Dawn, who runs the hotel is lovely and sits with us showing us the best way to our nest destination, tells us about her travels in their caravan and a beautiful love story about her and her current husband. The beer, food and accommodation is so cheap but you do get what you pay for. Despite her good company this place needs a thorough clean, smells of stale everything which ends up lingering in our clothes the next day. Went from our absolute best accommodation to our absolute worst. Still we managed to sleep and got away very, very early.

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