The Lake District 29/5/2014

It is a bit of a challenge getting around, well for us, as sometimes you have an exit number or a road number that doesn’t quite show up until you have gone sailing past the turn-off. There are also signs randomly placed on roads that are no where near turn-offs. Anyway we did make it to Penrith which has very unusual, higglety, pigglety streets, some are only one way and all in all quite unique – made for horses not cars I am told. We find a pay carpark and think an hour should be OK – plenty of time to get to the tourist information centre but we just can’t find it. Every sign says 2 mins walk from every direction but we cannot find until a kind lady practically sticks our noses in it. They are a lovely couple running it who help us out with accommodation, Hadrian’s wall and so much other good advice. I did tell them that other information centres we had been to know very little, even about their own towns, so we were very impressed with his knowledge. He did offer me to call him any time to get help if I needed. (I do look and am helpless.). Sadly, we get to our car 5 minuets late, lost again, and would you believe it there is already a ticket on the window. Our paid park ran out at 12:18 and the chap wrote out the ticket at 12:23. We got back 2 minuets after that! Anyway, I have written away so I hope they are nice to us.

Our accommodation at Limes Country Guest House, is sensational. He has put us in his very best room, looking out over the country side. A huge room with a king size bed, sofa lounge all for a regular price – and a cooked English breakfast to boot. We then head down to Pooleys Bridge to see our first lake, the one and only we visit, and hope to go for a walk around a ‘fell’ but as we head down the ever narrowing lane we realise we may have taken on too much. The roads get so narrow I pull over as far as I can as soon as I see another car. I honestly don’t know how we didn’t get scraped or abused or something but we turn around as soon as possible, 5 miles down the ‘track’, even then I have to let Shane out of the car just to do that. Frightening stuff!. We get back to Pooleys Bridge and go for a lovely walk, grab some fresh baguettes and head back to our lovely room to recuperate from our dramatic driving trauma. Good to experience it though!


r breakfast is great and our helpful landlord sends us on our way with some helpful tips.

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