St Annes on Sea/Blackpool 27/5 – 28/5

Thanks to Sylvia, who suggested we see how the English do the beach, we headed to Blackpool and came to the quiet seaside town of St Annes on Sea, about 5kms down the coast from Blackpool. We are staying at the St Ives Hotel and everyone is very helpful and friendly. We opt for the bed, breakfast and dinner deal which ends up being a fantastic choice. The receptionist talks us into going into Blackpool by tram which sounds like fun. Today we go for a walk around the town, out to the water, along the waters edge, check out the beach cabins up along the promenade and home. I decide that it is way too hard to swim here – you would literally have to walk out miles to get into ankle deep water so you can hardly dive straight in.

Unfortunately, the next morning it is windy and sprinkling rain but we decide we will still walk the 5ks to Squires Lane and catch the tram. So happy when we get there and enjoy the hour and half journey from one end of the track to the other. A perfect thing to do, see the sights and not get wet. Blackpool is quite amazing, a carnival, party, country fair and show all happening at the beach. It has the biggest, baddest roller coaster ride I have ever seen plus so many amusement parlours it is hard to imagine there are enough people to keep them all in business. On the way back we hop on and off the tram to enjoy some of the views closer up. The central Pier is the biggest of three and we walk out to the end enjoying some nougat along the way. As we walk along the promenade you can hear the bingo caller across the street which reminds me of my granny taking us to bingo in Wisbech, 42 years ago. Today is cold, windy and occasional showers so being adventurous we do make the walk home from the tram and almost make it before the rain sets in. We are well prepared with umbrellas and rain coats but happy to be back and very hungry for our roast dinner!

i did go swimming………… but in the hotel pool, 30degrees and inside so I couldn’t get blown away, a nice sauna to finish – very civilised. Maybe I will get another opportunity to swim in the Northern hemisphere.

4 thoughts on “St Annes on Sea/Blackpool 27/5 – 28/5

  1. sylgreg

    Glad you got to the seaside! The English do the seaside so different to us – probably because of the typical weather you look like you had
    Love the blog x x

  2. Richard Rose

    We know a bit about the roller coaster having watched it from our motel room when we stayed there. I don’t know if you noticed but there are actually three roller coasters in that complex.

  3. peakesj6 Post author

    I thought there must of been more than one – a real shame we had bad weather that day or we might have gone on one. Ha ha!


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