Liverpool 25/5/ – 26/5/2014

4 hours from London and we are in Liverpool. The dialect changes considerably and so does the friendliness of the people who, are not rushing around as much and have time for a bit of a chat. Unfortunately it is a little miserably but we set out to explore and fnd a place that does a nice Sunday roast. We see a sign  to the ‘Cavern’ precinct so of course we have to check it out.. It was really a basement that smelt horrible, apparently , had rats running around but the acoustics and atmosphere was uniquely special making it a very popular venue for musicians and fans alike. We do find a place to enjoy a roast and then start the very long walk home hoping to find a nice watering hole along the way and we stumble, quite accidentally into Flanagans Apple where a young guy is rockin’ the joint. Tom Stabler plays a great mix of Beatles music, some Irish songs and so much more. the whole pub joins in with some of the songs and you can’t help feeling apart of one big happy group. A great night out, Daniel gets engaged to a girl he just met, she wants to live in Australia and that’s the only way, and I have to find a ‘gig’ in Australia for Tom! Daniel also makes some local friends after we get back to our accommodation and they can’t believe he brought his parents to stay here in Sheil Street as it can be a bit rough. We hadn’t noticed anything but the motel having mega security, cameras and monitors everywhere. Our last night Shane goes outside for his last cigarette, in his pj’s, and a woman approaches him asking if he “wants any business”. I told him he was practically soliciting for a bed buddy!

Shane and I decide to do the whole ‘Ferry ‘cross the Mersey’ thing and enjoy the sites and talk about Liverpool and Birkenhead (the place across the river). Dan meets us for the Beatles story which was a lot of fun with some interesting stories and lots of reminiscing over their music. I found the photos particularly interesting showing what Liverpool looked like way back then and just how much it was bombed during the 2nd World War. ‘Time for a Pimms’, a burger and home we go for a much earlier night.

A lovely place to visit, thoroughly enjoyed it all!

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