Brixton 24/5/2014

Well, we didn’t quite make it to Liverpool – a sad story of holiday dates mix up but the good news is Dan and I are going out in Brixton. This place is amazing and Shane would be happy to see all of the butcher shops. They have been as scarce as hens teeth – but here they are as common as muck! Definitely a place to come, markets, good produce and the most diverse cafes and street food I have ever seen. Unlike other areas of London that seem to have a concentration of Asian, Italian, curry’s etc, in their own particular area, this place has everything from the American Hot Dogs to Chinese Dumplings. We stop in at Wishbone for some delicious chicken, my favourite is the one with the blue cheese sauce, macaroni and cheese deep fried, decadent but delicious and my first try of a whiskey Sour – very nice. I think that Mojito’s would be a nice way to end the evening so we head off to a nice little place that Daniel knows, with wobbly chairs called the Agile Rabbit, with great cocktails. Daniel has an African Mule and I have a Mojito’s and watching the bar lady at work is wonderful. She is a French and now working in London and I say “ciao” instead of Bonjour – a few too many cocktails I think. The good thing is she wonderfully welcoming and delighted that Daniel is taking his mother out. We order one more for the road, Dan tries a real Bloody Mary and I go for some Brazilian cocktail – so nice. another chat to our friend and we ask for the bill she says ” I like you two so much I make you another drink on me. It was so funny, my drink is very easy to swallow but 1 Bloody Mary is definitely enough for Dan and he is in struggle street but after all it is free so the big effort is made. A surprisingly wonderful night, after a day of disappointments and it is nice to see Dan’s favourite place in London and where he would like to live.

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