Education, Adventure and Culture 21/5/2012

The Museum of Natural History is our first stop and it really does blow you away. This is an incredible collection and we concentrate on the dinosaurs plus have a bit of a walk in amongst the sea creatures. Honestly , you could just spend the whole day here but we are detirmined to get to Westminister Abbey today.

This time we do find it very easily and it is so close to Big Ben it’s ridiculous. For some reason today they are closing up early so we don’t get to go inside – mind you with the entry fee being around £18 each (about $35) it’s a little steep. We do enjoy our walk around, enjoying the architecture and statues. The houses of Parliment are briefly glanced at as it starts to pour down. We run for a bus shelter and have a lovely conversation with a Welsh man telling us we will love Liverpool and to try and make it to the Lakes district.

Today Dan has also booked us on a river boat and as we walk over the bridge some lovely cruise boats are moving around. Then I see this little red speed boat and laughingly say to Shane I bet that’s the one he booked us on – turned out I was right! The rain has cleared but we still don the very attractive wet weather gear. The London RIB Voyages do a great job and into the Red Rocket we go with Paul and Matt looking after us. For part of the trip we skid from side to side, plenty of thrills, squealing and heaps of laughing all to some great music my favourite being the theme from the Bond movies – somehow it just felt right. The trip back is filled with interesting facts with plenty of humour thrown in – highly recommended.

It is now time for my one and only thing that I had to do while in London and that is to go and see The Agatha Christie play Mousetrap, that is now in its 62nd year running. The 101 year old theatre is the perfect setting for this murder mystery and adds to our experience, despite the seats being a little cramped, and as the plot twists this way and that we are left surprised by who really did it!

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