Abbey Road and the Thames walk 22/5/2012

Such fun to do the silly things in life like going to Abbey Road, which just happens to be on our train line, and walk across that crossing that the Beetles made famous. When we arrive there is a crowd of people doing the same thing and it must drive the motorists crazy – although I must say most of them smile and give you a wave. I did wait until the crowd had thinned and the traffic was less. A very special moment among so many. We then get to London Bridge and head along the path called the Thames walk, self explanatory really,  to the Tower of London. What a great place to visit and hear gruesome stories of the poor unfortunate souls that were considered traitors who were be-headed, then had their head shoved onto spikes, paraded through the streets and put up on the London Bridge as a warning to all, their bodies buried in in unmarked graves. Apparently the women got to be buried with their heads so that was very thoughtful. The admission fee may be a little high but considering you can have guided tours all day and what you can see it is so interesting. Our guide was excellent, funny and respectful. Just to apply for one of these jobs you have to have done 22 years of service in the armed forces and have a good conduct medal. The stories are fascinating and of course lots of famous ones like Anne Boleyn but we are quite surprised with some of the historic names. All in all a fantastic day out. We walk back going over the Tower Bridge, which is far more architecturally interesting than the London Bridge, and return along the Thames before heading to the Borough markets for cooking supplies. We return home for our last night In London, Daniel enjoys our home cooked meal, a few beers, off to bed to prepare for our trip to Liverpool.

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