Coventry and Brick Lane 20/5/2014

A nice leisurely start to the day organising our trip to Liverpool for this Saturday and then off to Coventry to see the street performers. We loved it from the guys painted all over ‘sitting in mid air’, the magician putting a knife through people’s good jackets, the uni-cycle rider and jugglers. A nice but expensive beer at the Punch and Judy Hotel and it’s off to Brick Lane to meet up with a group of Daniel’s mates. A very fun filled evening with some fantastic food at the Meraz Cafe.

We do have some hiccups with talking to Vittoria who is from Italy as apparently our accent is quite broad so I was explaining that Shane liked fishing and gestured the winding in of a reel. Vittoria got quite excited about this and nodding gesturing a similar motion saying her grandmother loves it. I was quite impressed by this and was wowing, saying that was great.

Daniel started laughing and asked Vittoria what she was talking about and she said my grandmothers cooking and repeated her gestured which now did look more like turning a pasta making roller and no her grandmother doesn’t do any fishing. At least we all get a laugh about it.

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