Notting Hill and China Town 20/5/2014

One of our favourite movies is Notting Hill, yes, Shane’s too so we are both pretty excited to be going there. You can still see many of the movie sites and definitely get a feel of the place being filled with quirky, interesting people and shops. The Portobello Markets are on everyday but the big ones are on Saturday. The fruit and veggies available are fresh, reasonable and such a huge variety including things we have never seen. Shane ventured into a local butcher shop and decided he could do much better and that the butcher had no idea how to cut a meat – he had in fact ‘butchered’ it. His prices were pretty good but the meat just doesn’t look appealing – no cooking tonight! Finding the ‘blue door’ wasn’t hard but we did go down the wrong street at first. The original door proved so popular that people kept wanting to write their names on it, knock on it and generally annoy the people living there so they took it down and auctioned it off. The owners put up a boring black door. The building has now changed hands and the new owners happily put back a similar blue door. Lots of things to see from the movie and I had the soundtrack playing in my head the whole time I was walking around

Daniel takes us into the city, so lovely to have someone else navigating, and Shane faces his biggest, longest, steepest and highest escalator yet at Piccadilly Circus. These escalators have been a big challenge for Shane either hanging on to me or the rail so tight you can see the whites of his knuckles but for me it beats walking up a 100 stairs every time! We check out Leicester Square, which is the doorway into the theatre precinct. Something for everyone here, cinemas, theatres, pubs, casinos, strip joints and this is where you will find M & M World – I did say something for everyone. China Town and Soho are here and it is so hard to choose a restaurant but being good prudent travellers we are lured in by the promised 20% off – I guess being a Tuesday night it is quieter. I don’t think you could go wrong at any of these places and our food was delicious. Daniel takes us to see some of the more interesting night life, just from the outside tonight, but again a quiet night so not too many shocks for us.

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