The Walking Tour of London 19/5/2014

We started with a lovely lunch with Daniel in Hyde Park at the Italian Gardens and then our massive walk began – forget the double decker, easy to get around we are hard core Aussies so we walk through Hyde Park – this park is huge 142ha so no mean feat. We go towards Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain, which is just a great area for kids and adults who today are paddling about in the water due to the very warm day, and discover that spring is definitely in the air. We come across baby swans, water fowls nesting and feeding their young and some Canadian Geese with some very cute goslings all which are so tame and placid people are feeding them out of their hand. We are really working towards Westminister Abbey and are now navigating our way through Green Park near Buckingham Palace, but come across a sign that says 12 minutes walk to Trafalgar Square so off we go – it wasn’t 12 minutes and we decided they must have been professional runners with a point to prove to get there that quick! Anyway we are rewarded on the way with some Royal guards all dressed up in their garb standing like large dolls and it is hard to tell if they are real. Of course in this heat we do feel a little sorry for the poor chaps but it made our day. We do make it to Trafalgar Square and then head off again to find the missing abbey. Fortunately we do come across a train that takes us to Big Ben down exit 3 so off we go and pop out from the underground frantically looking from side to,side for the clock, hoping to see a sign to point us in the right direction – then I look up and just start laughing – it was right next to us and we only had to look up! It is breathtaking and loved taking my Ben’s photo in front of Big Bens.

Exhausted but happy we head for home – loving the Jubilee Line today so close and takes us all the way home without changing trains! Westminister Abbey we will find you.

2 thoughts on “The Walking Tour of London 19/5/2014

  1. Richard Rose

    I will have to take a closer look at some of these things next time I’m over there (yes, Sue wants to go again). Not sure if we will do all that walking though.

    1. peakesj6 Post author

      It has been pretty awesome. But yes lots of walking, there are alternatives, buses and even boats – we hope to do that tomorrow and of course very lucky to have a reasonable place to stay in London and do these things at a leisurely pace


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