We are enjoying clear blue skies today and will be out and about in Camden. (Judging by the crowds everyone else has the same idea.) We are a bit tired so just planning a leisurely day but still plenty of walking.

It is lovely to meet Vittoria, one of Daniels friends, and spend time over coffee getting to know her a little better, listening to her stories of growing up in Italy enjoying her Grandmothers cooking, especially the lasagne.

Time to head off to the markets for some lunch but I stop and watch the canal boats manoeuvre their way through the lock. (Makes me think of you, Syl, when you and Greg did this during your stay.) There is food galore to choose from and I opt for a ‘duck and wrap’ – just watching him cook and put it all together is quite entertaining. Shane decides to have a seat and enjoy the canal whilst Dan, Sarah (another Aussie passing through) and I go for a walk around the markets. The site used to be old stables with many signs around of their previous existence, minus the smell, but then the markets have been here since 1854.

Time to sit, chat and have my first ‘Pim’s, which is so popular over here you buy it by the pitcher and I believe you can buy it in cans. Very refreshing and hits the spot on this very warm day.

Shane and I navigate our way home quite well, despite our bus breaking down, and leave the young ones to head out for cocktails.

One thought on “Camden

  1. Sylvia

    Watching the canal boats was what made us want to do it – and it was just like it looked – very relaxing and like a caravan on water! Loved Camden markets for the food! Loving your blog x


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