Greenwich 17/5/2014

We are blessed again with another lovely day – any day that isn’t raining is lovely! We head to London bridge, which isn’t quite as impressive as what I had conjured up in my mind but still that box is now ticked. Daniel takes us through the Borough markets, which are  impressive, where you can buy any amount of amazing produce from wild rabbits to venison burgers, white truffle oil to cheeses I’ve never even heard of let along tasted and anything you can think of for lunch on the day. We hope to go back there and maybe buy something nice to have on our last night in London.

Off to Greenwich where we walk to the maritime museum, just an incredible place full of stories, paintings and artefacts most of which is free entry. Lovely gardens one being a memorial to the Titanic. Dan and I went to have a look inside the Cutty Sark and I learnt some new things about its history and ties to Australia. The ship could hold enough merino wool to make over a million and a quarter knitted jumpers!

We have a leisurely walk along the Thames but decide not to go on the walk under the river, which I would love to do another time, but head for a well deserved beer before going to the Meantime Brewery for a taste and tour night. I would recommend this to anyone, very funny tour guide and you will learn some incredible facts on beer, lager and ales. Only trouble is the beer is not served cold but some great flavours – probably the way it should be drank for the full benefit but being Aussies – well we love a good coldie. (A word of advice don’t try the hops it is bitter and horrible on its own – still makes me shudder just thinking about it.)

It’s been another big day, lots and lots of walking, with plenty to take in, a nice cuppa and chat to Dan’s Polish mate from Sweden and a lovely young student from Stockholm before I head to bed – Shane is one step ahead of me and already fast asleep.

4 thoughts on “Greenwich 17/5/2014

  1. Sylvia

    The brewery tour sounds interesting! And the cutty sark was being repaired after being burnt when we were there so well done tourists! And can’t believe the weather you are getting – good on you x x

  2. Richard Rose

    I don’t think I will be doing the brewery tour next time I’m over there but I’m interested in anything to do with yarn. I think I would need a bit of help using up that much though.


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