Just 20 odd hours of flying and you too could be in London!

The first leg between Sydney and Singapore was by far the most challenging. Shane had a very arrogant person in front of him that put his seat back as soon as we took off and as it happened on a British Airways flight their seats tend to go back and be right in your face. After some time the fellow then got up out of his seat leaving it for some 2 hours but left the seat in the lying down position – don’t worry I soon put it right but thought that very rude of our fellow passenger!

We changed at Singapore to Finair which we were much happier with, more room and less intrusive. It was great to sleep through most of the 11 hour flight. Only a short flight from Helsinki to London and as the weather was clear I was able to enjoy some of the more famous sights from the air like Buckingham Palace, The Thames, Hyde Park and London Bridge – just amazing!

We even braved the ‘Tube’ for our trip into Daniel’s work place at St Mary’s hospital, which would have been uneventful if I hadn’t bought a ticket to Liverpool Street Station instead of Victoria Station. Thankfully I realised the error before it ended in us going to the other side of London and we were able to still keep on the right ‘track’, so to speak, without having to get new rail tickets. (Thanks to all the lovely Londoners that helped along the way.)

We were both so happy to see Daniel and it made all the ups and downs of the trip truly worthwhile!

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