Buckingham Palace 16/5/2012

Our first full day in London and Daniel has the day off work so is acting as our tour guide. It is a spectacular, sunny day and so we head to Buckingham Palace to witness the changing of the guards. I did see this some 40 years ago with my sister and parents and the only thing I remember was climbing up onto the statues of the lions – I did not try this today and I am sure if I did the local constabulary would have been right onto me!

it is an amazing sight, full of pomp and ceremony that was very enjoyable – especially with the weather being so nice.

We followed this up with lunch in Hyde Park, through to the Marble Arch, onto Oxford Street, Enjoyed a fine lager at the Old Cheshire Cheese – which is a pub that good ol’ Charles Dickens used to frequent and has been around for centuries, down the road we see our first glimpse of St Paul’s and walk down for a closer look before heading out for cocktails and dinner. The most delicious pizza’s I have ever had.

A great day and more tomorrow to look forward too.

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